Umbrella 10 Million Mothers and Daughters

Mending Broken Hearts! –

Restoration with the Word of God

Mother and Daughters of all faiths, and from every walk of life—JOIN the CONVERSATION OF RESTORATION between mothers and daughters from all parts of the world, as we go out to help heal MEND BROKEN HEARTS creating LOVING, TRUSTING BONDS AND HONEST CONVERSATIONS within the mother and daughter relationship, which will create healthier families for generations to come.

As mothers and daughters sometimes it may seen as if we have nothing in common!

However, that is far from the truth.

The National Association of the Mother and Daughter Bonding Network, Inc,
(NAMDBN) is a 501 c 3 non-profit, an arm of the Ask Dr. Bessie Show.

The mission of NAMDBN is to unite mothers and daughters from around the World. We preach the “Good News” of Love, Trust, and Honest Conversations, as we teach mothers and daughters how to use their Power of influence to promote “Healthier Families” for generations to come. Helping them to create their Best Mother and Daughter Relationship Now!

Remember, our daughters today, will become our mothers tomorrow!

We are inviting you to become an Ambassa-Daughters.

What is an Ambassa-Daughter?

An Ambassa-Daughter is a woman or girl who is willing to help another women or girl to become a Loving, Trusting and Honest human being. It doesn’t cost you money to become an Ambassa-Daughter, it only cost you a small amount of your time.

We are simply asking you to share your Wisdom, stories and experiences, updates of information from our website, workshops, or events with other mothers and daughters, family members, friends and co-workers.